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Lula's chocolates, Aloha rocky road Lula's chocolates, Gigi's assorted caramels Lula's Dark Chocolate Turtles
This Rocky Road candy is a combination of chewy marshmallows and crunchy Macadamia nuts covered in Lula's rich dark chocolate. Lula's chocolate is being made in small perfectly delectable batches in their factory located in Monterey, CA. Lula's chocolates are made locally in a small factory where each candy is made 'the old fashioned way'. These rich and creamy caramels are flavored with honey and vanilla. Each chewy candy is individually wrapped for freshness. These dark chocolate turtles are handcrafted from the finest and freshest ingredients.  Enjoy this wonderful blend consisting of dark chocolate, caramel, and pecan.
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These milk chocolate turtles are handcrafted from the finest and freshest ingredients. Enjoy this wonderful blend consisting of milk chocolate, caramel, and pecan
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Lula's chocolates, 4 piece box Lula's Sea Salt Caramels Lula's Chocolates, 12 piece box
Lula's Sea Salt Caramels
Our Price: $16.95
The local chocolatiers of Lula's are passionate about their fresh and heavenly chocolate pieces. This small box is the perfect gift for anyone to experience the richness and quality of each piece. Enjoy a variety of sea salt flavors such as Himalayan Pink, Vintage Merlot, Pacific Blue, and many more. Perfect as a treat and also as a gift. Handcrafted and made with love, this 12 piece box allows one to experience the wonderful flavors of Lula's Chocolates.
See's Candy 1lb Assorted Chocolates
An irresistible mixture of best-selling creamy, nutty, chewy and softy center favorites wrapped in See's rich milk and dark chocolates. Approximately 26 pieces.